Lost mail

Date: 1999-12-31 22:20:29

Hallo allemaal,

I'm using an old email program. Big advance: it does not knoe how to handle 
viruses and other "funny" stuff. Disadvantage: sometimes it crashes on 
receiving such a funny mail. 

You probably already guesed it: I received such a funny mail AFTER it already 
downloade some other mail. This mail is now lost I only remember two replies on 
my mail about my own site from Pasi and Howard. Would you two be so kind to 
send them again please? If there were others sent to CBM-Hackers during the 
last three days, would one of you be so kind to send it to me as well?
Many thanks!!!

Remark: The "funny" mail came from my own brother saying in THREE sentences 
that his wife had her own email-address as well. The "funny" thing is, it is 
over 1.2 MB big !!! How on earth did he manage that ??? (OK, he is only two 
weeks on the net)

I seem to have a problem with my site: I thought I had a diskquota of 2 MB but 
it seems I only have ONE :(((( Must check that out later.

Groetjes, Ruud

BTW: Happy New Year

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