Re: puzip.c64 don't like seq files?

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 1999-12-27 19:50:23

> well i've been giving puzip.c64 a good run -  having problems with
> 128 setup :-<

Yeah, a bug had crept in where C128 with non-burst capable devices
only compressed the first file correctly, all others became
one byte (or 255) in size.

> anyway i've found out that it won't tackle seq files -  is it
> just on my 8250 ?

The newest version tacks ",s" to the end of the filename for seq
files (and ",u" for usr, ",r" for rel) to fix this. Currently
no space is reserved for these extra chars so the filename size
should be max 14 characters. This will be fixed for the next

> looks as though lynx isn't dead for me just yet !

PuZip is still work on progress. Releasing a new version each
day is definitely something I wouldn't like to do normally.
But at least by using it you will find the things that need

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