Re: puzip.c64 1.0

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 1999-12-26 13:32:17

> >> PuZip compressed two D64 files with an 1581 drive in 26 minutes.

The C128 version does the same in 15 minutes. Burst read rules..:-)
PuZip now also has its own page ""
Links go to and fro, so it should be easy to locate even without the URL.

> to try it out in my c64 as soon as poss - if it'll zip compress my files
> direct it'll speed up 'project upload'  of the cbm/pet library files -

One major thing missing is the filename mapping, which may cause
problems on some files. If someone has the mapping figured out,
I'll happily take input. (You can always binary edit the ZIP file
to change the file names, as long as they are the same length.)

> the key test for me will be if i can use pkzip to undo them on the mac
> which is my test of cross compatiblity .

If it supports deflate it should work. Otherwise you need to locate
unzip for mac, which shouldn't be too hard on the age of web.

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