Re: Infos für alten Commodore

From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-12-22 22:28:09

>A propos: Sorry for those members of the CBM-hackers list who don't
>speak German. This guy wants to transfer files between a PC and a
>PET, without having a C64 nor 1541 to use as an intermedium. I ran
>out of options - maybe you can help..
concept for shifting from his pet up to the PC -
as a mac man i'm not that well versed in PC ports etc but i've just been
writing an article for using the user port  with a centronics printer (
BASIC prg )   - this will enable him to get from PET to PC perhaps - the PC
side of things is the area i've no idea how to capture the data  ?
no doubt other people will have come up with this .

user port connections used .

cb2 - data coming to printer
can't recall which connection for handshake  ( its on my notes as its been
a while since i built the thing ! )
data 1-8
full info if needed !!

Commodore Forever ;->

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