Re: ST10C hard disk drive
Date: 1999-12-22 08:26:12

CB>Hi Heather,

CB>I am forwarding your message to the cbm-hackers mailing list -- if they
CB>can't help you then no-one can!

CB>I do not believe the C= drives use partitions, and unless you have several
CB>hundred files on the disk, I don't have any profound thoughts on why they
CB>should take longer to load.

CB>Incidentally, regarding BASIC 3.0/4.0/wedge, the drive doesn't actually
CB>understand BASIC commands, rather, commands like HEADER etc. are just
CB>shortcuts for the usual OPEN15,8,15 commands (that is, they both send
CB>the exact same bytes/commands to the drive).


CB>On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Heather L. Mendes wrote:

CB>> I hope you can help me. I got this drive from a friend who didn't know
CB>> anything about it other than it was a Commodore device. I was able to find
CB>> out something about it; like it was made in 1985 and of course the company
CB>> is no longer in business. Also it uses a lot of the commands the 1541 uses
CB>> My problem is that I formated it using the same methord as I would for the
CB>> 1541 and it seems to work ; it took about 20 min. to finish. I can save
CB>> programs just fine but the more programs I put on it the longer it takes t
CB>> find and load. Sometimes it won't load at all. Bottom line is should I hav
CB>> formatted it using partitions and if so how do I do it. It knows BASIC 3.0
CB>> BASIC 4.0, and Univerasl DOS Support. I have asked my user group but thay
CB>> can't help me. Any help will be appreciated. Oh yes I am using a C=64. If
CB>> you need more info. let me know. Thanks.

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I have one and the manual says nothing about partitions. It stores
files the same way as a 1541 or 8050 or 4040 does.
The increase in loading time with more files is due to the longer
directory. If you put the desired file at the start of the directory it
will still loasad as fast as ever even with a full drive. If it is the last 
file and you DO have hundreds of files, it will have to read the entire
directory begfore it can start loading.
I would like to know more about the ST10C myself. Does anyone have a
circuit diagram for it? Or know if a larger than 10 Meg drive can be
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