Re: Vic-Switch Multi User eg: VIC-4012

From: Mike Naberezny (
Date: 1999-12-16 18:25:46

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, COPLIN, Nicholas. wrote:

Hi Nick,

> Does anyone have information about this Commodore product.  I figure its a
> networking box (multiple CBM computers to common peripherals, via serial
> IEC) as used in schools back when Commodores were loved by the education
> department, but know little more about them than that.

I have two of these, one of which I still use regularly.  It allows you to
connect eight computers to one set of drives.  I use mine for developing
assembly programs.  I write the programs on one C128, save them to a CMD
HD, and then load onto another C128 without swapping cables, disks, or
changing programs on either machine.

> Do they need special software?

Nope, just plug in all of those serial cables and you're all set.  :)

> Any body happen to have a manual or schematics? (I couldn't see any on
> funet)
> Any info appreciated.

One thing that you should be aware of is that the VIC-Switch has two
annoyances.  First, there is no power switch.  This is easily fixed.
Second, the device does not work with the C128 burst protocol.  However,
this can be easily overcome as well by connecting together the ATN lines
at each serial port inside the device.  I did this quite a few years ago
and mine works great.  You'll come across some programs that don't like
the box, mostly copy-protected games, but all well-behaved software works
well with the VIC-Switch.

 - Mike Naberezny (

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