Re: portugual question - off topic

From: Sam Laur (
Date: 1999-12-08 09:53:30

> i've got a relation who's moving from USA to portugual and was concerned
> about using their PC equipment over there  , the USA is 110V , 60Hz whats
> the portuguese  mains

230V/50Hz like in most of Europe? At least that's what my old World
Radio and TV Handbook tells me (it was written in the time when it was
still 220V but EU harmonization should have made it nominally 230V by

> also  is there any other odd things they should know about relating to the
> electrics there ?

I don't know about the connector, though. At least some sources say
they use the widely-used (in Europe) Schuko connector, see  for example.

> i recall some chap from portugul on this list so hence the query here !
> thanks in advance !

I'm from Finland, not from Portugal, but I can still answer your
question ;)

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