Re: 2Mhz Geos64??

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 1999-11-12 07:43:16

>> No, no. The VIC-IIe can't do 2MHz and keep the 40-column screen updated.
>> Unless the screen is blanked, if you're in 40-columns, you're at 1MHz (even
>> in 128 mode). Only the VDC can continue to do screen updates at 2MHz.
>But with the application of raster interrupts you could achieve a speed
>increase if you can get the processor to do 2 mghz when the video scan is not
>on the visible screen.  I recall an article stating it would be about a 25%
>increase...  I recall there is a 128 version of Mah Jongg that employs this

That's cheating. :-P The screen is blanked while it's in the borders, you just
don't notice it -- so I'm still right! ;-)))

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