Re: commodore 64 in a small package

From: Sam Laur (
Date: 1999-11-09 08:17:48

> During some quite moments at my work I'm working on a project which has as goal 
> to build a 6502 only using common available IC's. The original goal was only 
> using TTL-IC's but that was impossible in case of the instruction decoder and 

Actually I have had the same sort of plans, but I was planning to start
with an easier chip - 6526. Although, work hasn't permitted me to devote
much time to it so it's still in the stage of just planning. I was going
to use 74HC-series chips, not TTL, though. And I wasn't going to waste
any time by using the simplest chips (74HC00), although that would have
a point too. It's just that then, a lot of time goes wasted,
constructing dozens of flipflops from NAND gates.

Also the PLA should be easy-ish to make in discrete logic.

> If you're interested in any part of my work, let me know.

Instruction decode using an EPROM will be much easier, yes - but how
complex would it be to make in hardcoded logic?

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