commodore 64 in a small package
Date: 1999-11-07 13:41:55


yesterday I talked to a professor at our school. He was giving a
presentation to "0-years" studentens about programmable logic. I asked him
about tha capacity of the chip. he told me that in theory a complete
compuyter could be programmed in one including all the pheriperal IC's and
glue logic.

So i asked him about the possibility for a 4-th year Electotechiniques
student to build a C64 into one. Oh, that would be a tough project he told
me, but it would be possible. He asked me if I could give as much info as
possible on the C64. I told him I had plenty of datasheets and that I
would bring them to him.

So people It looks like a "c64 in a small package" is comming our

Ramses v. Pinxteren

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