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From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-10-30 09:35:54

>I have been going through boxes of tapes and floppies and wanted to put this
>stuff up on funet.  What I have is a directory full of .d64 files.  Should
>I put them up as disk images?  Compressed disk images?  Unpack them into files
>and archive them with lha?
speaking as someone who's used shifted downloaded stuff over to real c64's
from funet , zipped up archives are better as they can be unzipped on a c64
easily .
for my stuff i've uploaded ( and trying to at moment !! )  i first used
lynx17 to create LNX archive  on 1541 then got that onto 3.5"  thanks to my
amiga then used pkzip in my mac to compress them before ftp'ing them .
d64 files are usually fine but there are times when a byte gets taken away
or added in which garbles them when they're used in a real c64 - i think
this is the problem when people complain that some prg like dfiler 'isn't
working right' ............

Commodore Forever ;->

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