Re: I/O Space is a Valuable Thing

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-10-26 10:12:06

Robin Harbron wrote:
> Mike Naberezny wrote:
> > I remember a few months back someone was attempting to start a list of
> > what devices use which I/O ranges.  Do you guys know what areas these
> > devices (RL, REU, SL/T232) actually occupy in $DE and $DF?
> The REU uses the whole $DF00 page, and the Swiftlink uses all of
> $DE00.  When CMD designed the Turbo232, though, they were aware

I thought the original REU was just sitting on the first few bytes of
$DF00 and only the 2MB hacks mirrored the extra two banking bits all
over the place. I'm not sure if CMD fixed this with their own 2MB REU,
since this uses a GAL chip for the extra logic, so they might have fully
decoded the I/O page.

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