I/O Space is a Valuable Thing

From: Mike Naberezny (mnaberez_at_nyx.net)
Date: 1999-10-25 21:39:04

I've been working on a cartridge for the 64/128 with a PIA's /CS connected
right up to $DExx.  Eventually I'd like to use this cartridge with my main
128D system, but I have it loaded up with a RAMLink, REU, and SwiftLink.
This means I'll have to fuly decode the PIA into a small segment of one of
the I/O areas.

I remember a few months back someone was attempting to start a list of
what devices use which I/O ranges.  Do you guys know what areas these
devices (RL, REU, SL/T232) actually occupy in $DE and $DF?  I sent CMD a
few e-mails but it must be a secret because they have ignored my (very
polite) requests.

Thanks for your help.

 - Mike Naberezny (mnaberez@nyx.net) http://www.6502.org

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