re2: c64 & cd-rom

From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-10-24 12:41:41

>ken ross wrote:
>>ves ( as it were ) so this device
>> converts the one to the other , (it's a simple circuit and I'll xerox it
>> for anyone who sends me their snail mail addy . )
>From: "Ramses v. Pinxteren" <>
>Perhaps a better Idea? Why don't you scan it into the computer, and put
>it at

if only i had the funds to buy a scanner for my mac :-<

>On Sat, 23 Oct 1999, ken ross wrote:
>> I'm not sure how it's proposed to select the item from the CD but I've been
>> looking at audio CD players and the track selection process will only go up
>> to track 99 .
>From: Marko Mäkelä <>
I think I mentioned it in one message, or at least I was thinking about it
>while writing those messages. :-)  Each CD track would begin with a
>fastloader, loadable with the LOAD command.  The fastloader would display
>a menu of all titles on that CD track, with the minute and second count at
>which the title starts.  Then one could use the fast-forward button on the
>CD player to position the stream at the desired title.  The menu could
>perhaps be stored in the fast format, and it would be automatically
>generated by the PRG->CD audio track conversion program.

I've been looking at CD players and sad to say it seems most of them only
have track number selection on them , some have jump forward/ backward
within the track but no timing options .

>BTW, 30 pounds is a bit much for such a simple piece of hardware.  But
>it's not a surprise, if it is the same company (CS&E) that actively
>participated in a flame war in comp.sys.cbm some weeks ago.

the 30pounds that they CS&E chap mentioned was for a datasette that had
been adapted somehow to interface with a cd player and in those days i
hadn't come across them much so i didn't chase it up any further as to how
it was actually done .

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