c64's and cd-roms ?

From: ken ross (ken.ross1_at_virgin.net)
Date: 1999-10-23 10:50:22

I've been off-line for a while , hence my late tuppence worth ( U.K.

I came across a mention of a CD-ROM interface to use with the C64 at the
start of 1998 in Commodore scene mag and at the time I sent an email ( from
public library )
to Crystal Software to get more info , well I had the reply printed in
Commodore Scene and the ICPUG journal and I'm going to type it in .
>> The product you describe probably would be our DCT-II Challenge Pro
>> CD-ROM System  . It is basically a Datasette recorder which has been used
>>to house an interface for your run-of-the-mill CD Player or Discman. We
>>have a demo CD available and the device retails for GBP30 including VAT . It
>>comes with a detailed manual . For more information please contact us by
>>surface mail . Thank you for your interest in our company
>>kind Regards
>>Michel Vaartjes , Public Relations Branch Manager , European Division
>>Crystal Software and Electronics
This is all the info I've got on it as due to poverty !!
Also sine wave / square wave , I've got a copy of an electronics mag from
that gives info etc on how to build an adaptor that enables you to use any
tape deck
with the c64 . the datasette puts out a square wave pattern but an ordinary
tape deck will only output curved waves ( as it were ) so this device
converts the one to the other , (it's a simple circuit and I'll xerox it
for anyone who sends me their snail mail addy . )

I'm not sure how it's proposed to select the item from the CD but I've been
looking at audio CD players and the track selection process will only go up
to track 99 .

All these things may've been talked about already and I've missed them !


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