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From: Sami Rautiainen (
Date: 1999-10-19 19:57:49


At 17:33 19.10.1999 GMT, wrote:
>I got an Amiga 500 plus A590-HD for free. I also got a original floppy to 
>format the HD and more. But the more is the problem. If I use the program to 
>make the HD bootable, it says there is no HD attached. But the HD toolbax
>everything is OK. I'm also able able to copy files to the HD and to use
>Question: How can I make the A590 bootable?

If I remember correctly, there is a switch in the back of the A590 that
controls whenever the hard drive is bootable or not. If this switch is on,
then A500 should boot from the hard drive when there is no disk attached.

However, I can't recall if A590 supports booting on the Kickstart ROM R1.2
at all. As a general rule, hard drives are bootable only with Kickstart
R1.3 or later but there was some controllers that were able to boot under
R1.2 as well.

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