Web Browser Announcement - help request

From: Howard Herman (hlh_at_panix.com)
Date: 1999-10-14 03:03:51

The following has appeared most everywhere, except here, so here goes:

* From: arca93@delphi.com
* Subject: Web Browser Announcement
* Newsgroups: comp.sys.cbm


It's official... I'm acknowledging the fact that a
new web browser is in the works for our 64s and 128s.
Production on "The Wave" will continue.

The entire package will be made available as a free
download and may also be freely distributed through
any other means as long as it's not for profit.

This announcement is initially aimed at programmers.
I'm looking for participation in this project. I can
do the whole thing myself, but it will take too long
to get the first release ready. So, I'm asking for
assistance from those who have already created code
that can be utilized in this project. Here's the
stuff I need mainly:

PPP and SLIP source code
TCP/IP source code
JPEG decoding source code
GIF decoding source code
Email source code
Newsgroup source code
ZIP file decoding

The stuff I'm working on that I don't need any help
with is the following:

The main user interface which includes the browser
  screen display, point and click interface,
  interaction with other applications, etc.
SwiftLink, T232 code
Modem and dialer code
HTML interpreter
Disk drive and printer code
New printer drivers for hi-res color output

It might not be too far-fetched to include Java
and JavaScript.

I'd guess that about 50-60 percent of my work is
completed at this point.

The software and hardware requirements are the

64 or 128 computer
A good color monitor. (128 version will be 80
  column only)
Wheels 64 or Wheels 128 operating system
SuperCPU with at least 4mb SuperRAM (1mb might be OK
  but will likely slow the system down due to disk
Large storage devices will be desired (CMD HD,RL)
SwiftLink or Turbo232 interface
14.4 or faster modem

With the participation of many good Commodore
programmers, the first working version could be
made available much sooner than if I handle all
the programming by myself.

Programmers: You don't need to know anything about
programming in GEOS or Wheels in order to participate.
All I need is good, understandable source code in order
to make your programming work usable in this project.
I can take care of transferring all the source code
into a usable format for programming in the Wheels
environment, as well as coordinating it into the main

As soon as a working version is ready, it will be made
available for downloading. Work on this project will
continue, and as more new features are added, new
versions will be made available.

This browser package will be designed to be the
easiest web browser to configure and use in the whole
computing industry. Anyone who uses my software knows
that I hate difficult and complicated programs.

This will be a "free open source" project also. If
anybody wants the source code, it will be available for
free downloading from my web site as each version is
released. This will help potential programmers to
better understand how each aspect works and will
encourage more and better participation in this

If any programmer has already done any of the
aforementioned work or you feel you are capable of
any of this work and would like to participate,
please email me at: arca93@delphi.com
...and I will list you as a participant on that
particular aspect of the project.

I've never asked for any outside help in any project
I've ever worked on, but I feel this is an important
project that could benefit from the expertise of
the many excellent programmers we still have today.

  From the beginning of Wheels development, the OS was
designed for large projects of this type. The OS
isn't very demanding on the CPU and therefore can
handle a project such as this, especially with the
help of the SCPU. Having a graphical OS behind the
application really eases the pain on programming an
application that needs a graphical user interface
such as this does. Also, Wheels takes the chore
out of programming for the storage devices. From
a programmer's AND a user's standpoint, Wheels is
a nice environment for a web browser.

There are enough Wheels users, and hopefully enough
with SuperCPU's, to make this project worthwhile.
If you use Wheels and don't have a SuperCPU, now's
the time to get one. Once you've used Wheels at
20mhz, you won't want to go back to 1 or 2mhz. Let's
keep CMD in business with this project. Remember
when geoFAX first came out? CMD's sales of SwiftLinks
boomed. They sold out. They'd assemble another batch
and sell those out. They eventually ran out of
SwiftLink boards. They then designed their own board
and introduced the Turbo232. Let's see if we can keep
them busy assembling and suppporting SuperCPUs.

Maurice Randall
Click Here Software Co
426 Sumpter St
P.O. Box 606
Charlotte MI 48813
PH: 517-543-5202
email: arca93@delphi.com
web: http://people.delphi.com/arca93
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