Re: CD's, C64's and error-correction

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 1999-10-08 14:56:22

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> But I still think that this idea is worth trying.  What we need is four
> things:
> 1. a simple adapter from line-level CD audio output to the cassette port
> (an RCA plug and a cassette port connector).  The frequency of the signal
> should be doubled, i.e. a change in the input must be translated to a
> pulse in the "cassette read" signal.

If noone else volunteers..

> 2. a program that stores Commodore tape format in a sample file that can
> be processed e.g. by cdrdao.
> 3. a program that converts files to the new GCR format

Err. Why use the Commodore tape format in these steps? If you ask me,
we just need a program that will translate a standard CBM binary
file into the new GCR format. I do not quite understand why it
should be converted to CBM tape first.

> Step 3 should be trivial after step 2.  Any takers for steps 1 and 2?  I
> wouldn't like to learn the details of the Commodore tape format.

I wouldn't like to learn the details of the cdrdao fileformat ;)

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