Re: RTC-clock under GEOS

From: John (
Date: 1999-10-07 07:01:37

>Some time ago there was an discussion about RTC-clocks. One of them was a
>clock you could attach to the datasette-port. This clock is equiped with
>an PCF8583P.  This is an I2C-divice. Has anybody source-files for using
>this clock or any other I2C-device?

Hey!  That's a familiar number... I think that's the one we use.  RTC and
256 bytes of battery-backed RAM, right?  I've got code to talk to it, and
even calculate the year from the limited information it gives (day of week,
day of month, month, bottom two bits of the year).  But it's all in Z80,
and technically it's not mine - it belongs to my employer.  I'll see if I
can translate it into 6502 for you.

Once you've got the software and hardware to talk to I2C devices, you can
put as many as you like on there - there's all sorts of interesting chips

John West
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