Re: PPP and SLIP (old Re: Misc )

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1999-10-07 01:30:09 wrote:
> > Robin also had some working PPP code at one point (partial
> > implementation).
> I know there are two protocols, PPP and SLIP. I know that you can use SLIP if
> you have an RS232-port. But that is exactly all I know. Could you be so kind to
> explain what these two "things" are?

SLIP stands for Serial Line Internet Protocol - just a very simple
method for sending IP packets over (for example) a phone line.  PPP
is much more versatile, but can be used for exactly the same
purpose.  SLIP is *way* easier to code - I had SLIP working in a 
few hours a couple years ago, once I read up on it and Craig Bruce
released his excellent Swiftlib routines.  It's taken me months of
on and off reading to get my brain around PPP, and I still have
quite a few questions and uncertainties.  But it's quite cool that
Errol Smith has it working now - I'm looking forward to trying it
out once it's hooked up with a TCP/IP stack!
Robin Harbron
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