Re: Commodore BTX Modul

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-10-06 23:04:03

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> What kind of modem do I need to plug into the BTX module? Is it a standard
> RS232 type connection or is there a proprietary device that plugs in?

I tried to find the interface specs as well, but failed. All I know is
that there was the standard German Telekom modem DBT03 that is directly
connectable. I think even the interface is named after it. Then there
was the acoustic coupler Dataphon S21/23d that also had this interface.
It is _not_ RS232, it's either TTL or current loop, but maybe you get an
idea by analyzing the circuit. I think all there is is a 74C00 and a
little transformer, but I didn't have a very close look to it. 

> Also, what was the 'other' kind of BTX module that you don't have? What
> are the differences?

I know almost nothing about it. It was always discussed as being too
limited and being ill-fated and so on. Soon version two arrived and so
version one must be _very_ rare. I even can't remember that version 1
was ever announced, I only remember the big ads from Commodore for the
C64C, the 1541-II and the BTX2 module. Version two is for sale quite
often on and you can have it for DM10 or less.

BTW, if you need the pinout of the DIN plugs on the version 2 module, I
can type this in from my manual.


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