Re: Commodore BTX Modul

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-10-06 22:56:30

John West McKenna wrote:
> The triggering is fairly intelligent.  It matches on any pattern on any
> subset of the inputs, and can also count how many times it has been through
> a loop and only start on the 47th time through and things like that.

I see, so it is similar to the trigger system of my DSO. Only that this
has a pre-defined TV trigger that detext VSYNC and HSYNC and then counts
HSYNC signals. It's also capable to recognize interlace. Still, for me
it will be more work to write the little programs and anyways my
programming style is very interactive so I had to take my C16 or C116 to
the DSO anyway. BTW, shit, I just tested the new 7501 CPU I got as a
replacement and it is dead! Really time to construct the 6502 adaptor
:-( Only one working CPU left.

> It has somewhere around 40 channels, and can record up to 1024 states.
> That's enough to watch every interesting signal for a couple of character
> lines worth of time.  The only problem is that I have to type the results
> manually into a computer - it's got an IEE488 interface, and I have nothing
> that will talk to that.

No PET or C64 with IEEE488 interface? The first thing I built for my C64
was an IEEE488 interface. Okay, before that I built the kernal
replacement for it ;-) Ah, that reminds me of the first printer I had
for my C64: A CBM 3022, the worst printer you can imagine! Somewhat
similar logic to the MPS802, i.e. only one bitmapped character per line,
only that the matrix is only 5x7 instead of 8x8! I actually wrote a
basic program to print C64 bitmaps on it and it took about one hour to
print. I'm not sure if the printer or the program was the limiting
factor. Since the printer was only borrowed I had to give it back after
a year or so. But about a week ago I bought one again ;-) What shall I
say, it's as bad as I remembered it ;-) So why I'm I telling this story?
I got a IEEE488 interface for the C64 with it, pretty well working with
BASIC4 and other additional commands, but it uses EXROM and therefore is
very incompatible with existing applications. Oh, and it has only German
docs. I'd be willing to give it away, for some approporate compensation.
The hardware is pretty simple and maybe even crippled, it has only an
EPROM, 6821 and what looks like resistor networks on an expansion port
card. No proper driver chips. Maybe the most useful thing I got from
this deal is the PET to Centronics IEEE cable. 


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