Re: 10x CLOAD (fwd)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-10-06 13:28:09

Not very related to the high-speed idea, but anyway. Back in 1984 German
c't magazine developed a fast tape loader and implemented it for many
6502 and Z80 based home computers. The normal speed was 3600 bit/s, this
is slightly faster than turbo tape and also a bit faster than a standard
1541. What makes it interesting here for this discussion is its
capability to run at 7200 bit/s, though this speed was reported not to
work reliably on most tape decks. But it would be a nice option for
recording to CDR, especially with the common file format for at least
all the Commodore 8bit machines. Unfortunately most of the
implementations seem to be lost somehow, except the C64 one of course,
which was mostly known for being used in the Input64 tape magazine. The
problem with getting the other implementation is mostly that noone seems
to have those old c't issues from 1984 anymore. I once ordered a single
article (about a basic Z80 implementation) from a library and it took
many weeks to arrive and cost me DM 3. At Heise Verlag it might be
faster, but they want DM 5 per article :-( I don't like these options,
with perhaps 20 implementations around and some were split over two
articles :-(

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