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From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1999-10-04 19:53:01

--- Bo Zimmerman <> wrote:
> Ok, cool.  Well, Marko must've made a multiple request of us. 

I just happened to be slurping ROMs and decided to grab the D9090 set while
the Colt was loaded and running.  I have an 8-bit NIC in it and I use kermit
to sling the data around via TCP/IP (most efficient for an 8-bitter).  Marko
didn't specifically ask me; I volunteered.

> I uploaded the ROMs, along with the technical reference manual (scanned) to

Cool. Saves me the scanning.  I'll check my various versions against what
you've got there.

>   Know where I can get a replacement HD mech for a 9090?

I do not.  I got my spare D9060 disk about 11 years ago and spent $75 to
have it refurbed (new media which it didn't need and a new track zero
sensor which it did - the company only did whole refurbs, not electronics

I thought it was a lot of money at the time, but from this point in history,
good luck finding a c. 1980 5Mb - 7Mb ST-506 disk just sitting around.  ISTR
that the TM602S is *not* a drop-in replacement for a real ST-506 (the precomp
or RWC is on a different tract, IIRC).  If so, you *could* reformat a DEC RD50
which is a *real* Seacrate ST-506, but that would ruin it for re-use in a DEC
machine.  This is why I want to reprogram the ROMs for other geometries.  I
have a box of ST-506-style disks with lots of ST-225s (go figure).  I turn down
disks of this variety at hamfests at $2 - $10 each because I have enough for
the machines that I have.  If I could make them work, I'd pick up another
handful as spares for a D90x0.


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