RE: D9090 ROM images uploaded to

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1999-10-04 18:08:51

--- Bo Zimmerman <> wrote:
> Those ROMs can't be the ones I left for ya?! I checked those darn things....

No... they were mine and something is wrong with my setup.  Since I read out
several ROMs successfully, either these ROMs really are blank (a possibility,
given their age) or my burner didn't like them (also a possibility).
>   The 9090 ROMS?

Yes.  I have multiple hard disks.  The D9090 was at the top of the pile.  I
also have (in a box, somewhere) a "DOS board" that I've considered turning
back into a drive.  All I would need is a SASI<->something converter and a
disk drive.  Without knowing how to tweak code on the DOS board, I'd have to
stick with the same scheme as a real D9060/D9090.  With the ability to tweak
code, I could even consider banging the protocol around enough to speak enough
SCSI to use an old 40/50Mb 3.5" (of which I have several).  SASI and SCSI are
*very* close.  I have an ancient formatter for the Mac that will talk to 
one or two models of SASI<->ST-506 cards (as well as the more common Adaptec
ACB-4000 series SCSI<->ST-506 cards).  

At this point, it's moot, until we can get code out in people's hands to play
with.  There was an article in the Transactor, IIRC, about the D9060, but I
do not have it.  Anyone have (paper) archives?  All I have is the service
manual to go on.


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