Re: Scanning books, papers etc.

From: Mark (
Date: 1999-09-27 23:53:09

On 26-Sep-99, Larry Anderson wrote:
> Don't use a 'lossy' compression format like JPEG, because if someone has a
> better OCR than you it will be harder for them to OCR the files.  My program
> (omnipage) prefers TIFF files, but those can be large too, otherwise GIF is
> good for straight B&W...

TIFF *using CCITT G4 compression* almost always gives much better compression
than GIF. G4 TIFF is more or less a standard in the document imaging world.

For Windows users, the Imaging program which comes with Win 95 & NT 4.0
understands G4 TIFF files. There are free programs on most/all other platforms
too (even my Amiga).

There are other lossless image formats which have even better compression (i.e.
JBIG), but they are not as widely used yet.

-- Mark

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