Scanning books, papers etc.
Date: 1999-09-26 20:40:27

Hallo allemaal,

I know there was a discussion about the type of file to use for scans lately 
but I didn't pay very much attention to it. Now I regret it a little bit.
I decided to scan the copies of books, magazines and other kind of papers to 
save room. I started with " The Commodore 64 Troubleshooting & Reapir Guide". 
The copy is readable but not good enough of OCR. Depending on the quality and 
size of text/graphics/drwaings I use 150 to 300 DPI. This makes files from ~ 
13K to 220K. It has about 180 pages. If anybody is interested in the result, 
let me know. If any body has the original let me know as well because I'm 
almost sure I am mising one page (73).

Groetjes, Ruud

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