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Date: 1999-09-24 02:00:14

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> On Thu, 23 Sep 1999 00:10:09 -0230 "Andrew Vardy"
> <> writes:
> > See if this topic takes us anywhere.  What kind of assembler do 
> > you use? For those that use Commodores.  What's the 
> > representation among commie programmers?
> > 
> I myself use Buddy extensively. 

Ok then, any idea for the following technical problem?

If I take a source code file (let's assume in ebud) and use the 


Then the assembler produces output, generally with all 
instructions, and everything that runs through.  I like to also divert 
this output to a file, via, for example, the typical:

open 9,9,9,"file,s,w":cmd 9


And so forth.  Works fine.

I like to produce this file.  But I have a problem when the source 
code uses includes for other source code.  Like if I use the ".seq" 
pseudo-op to include some other source code files.  In this case, 
suddenly my '.display' is not going out to disk file.  (I can't quite 
remember all the particulars now.)

Does anyone have any idea how to make it work?

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