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From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1999-09-23 15:35:19

--- Andrew Vardy <> wrote:
> Is anyone still here lately?

Still here and lurking, mostly.  I've been collecting articles interesting to
me and webifying them at
> See if this topic takes us anywhere.  What kind of assembler do 
> you use? For those that use Commodores.  What's the 
> representation among commie programmers?

I used to use Commodore's assembler on the C-64 natively.  It wasn't great,
but it did work and I didn't have anything better.  Now, I use d65 or dasm
under UNIX and run VICE as a testbed.  Much faster development.  I crank up
four tiled text windows on a SPARC, stick VICE in the middle and bang away with
emacs, etc.  It's how I ported Zork-1 to the PET.


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