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From: MagerValp (
Date: 1999-09-22 13:59:07

>>>>> "Martijn" == Martijn van Buul <> writes:

Martijn> Okay. I'll probably get flamed because I merely mentioned the
Martijn> Z80, but still:

Nah, we're all busy flaming CS&E in comp.sys.cbm :)

Martijn> Zilog recently released an improved version of the Z80, the
Martijn> so-called ez80. I haven't really delved into the
Martijn> specifactions of the darn thing (Don't have a PDF-capable
Martijn> text-console at the moment ;), but according to some
Martijn> MSX-freaks, it should be fairly easy to replace an existing
Martijn> Z80 with that ez80 thing -- It's supposed to be four times
Martijn> faster than a plain Z80 on the same clockrate. The ez80 can
Martijn> do more (It can handle clockrates up to 80 Mhz, for example,
Martijn> and it does have a 16 MB linear address range), but
Martijn> considering the price of the thing (Rumor says that it'll be
Martijn> something between $3 and $10), it might prove to be very
Martijn> interesting to replace the 128's Z80 with this thingy. More
Martijn> info on You'd better have an
Martijn> Acrobat reader handy.

Martijn> Any ideas?

100% code compatibility, and a 4x speedup at the same clock frequency
sounds nice. I can't seem to find any package information, and the
only picture of the eZ80 is a 100-ish pin SMD. If someone was to make
a small adapter board it should plug right in.

Btw, is there a way of going straight to CP/M mode on a C128? The 8502
in mine is toasted :/

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