RE: 8280 chips

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 1999-09-20 23:17:01

> The 2K ROM appears to be a controller ROM.  When compared to the GCR ROM,
> there are only 8 bytes the same, exactly what you would expext from pure
> chance.  When compared to the other IEEE drive controller ROMs, about half
> the locations match.  This is the usual result when comparing controller
> ROMs from different versions of DOS.  The real test would be to compare it
> to the DOS 3.0 controller ROMs in the 9060 or 9090 hard drives, but we do
> not have those ROM files.

  Those will be uploaded to FUNET tonight (9090 ROMs).  I read them in last
night, and have scanned all but four pages of the 9060/9090 technical
reference.  You'll have all that to enjoy soon.

  A note on the scans.  My originals were horrible, I hope you can make
something out of some of those schematics.

   - Bo

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