Date: 1999-09-16 22:35:08

Hallo allemaal,

I thought I finally found a 1540. It was packed in white foam inside a very old 
original carton saying it is a 1540, made in Japan. on the back of the top half 
is a metallic sticker saying it is a 1540, ser # 146595, but the front says 
it's a 1541. Neither one of the stickers seems to damaged or tempered with. The 
board says PCB NO 1540007 (C) 1981 REV A TEC-6HB-H made in Japan Commodore.
6502 dates 2881, one 6522 4982, the other 4681. The LO-ROM says MOS 325302-01 
21YA, the HI-ROM MOS 901229-05 1983 4683. The last ROM seems to be th same as 
in my 1541 short board. Either this drive is one of the first 1541 long board 
version or either somebody schanged the ROM. FYI, all the soldered IC's are 
date 1981 as well.

Can anybody tell me more? Thanks.

Groetjes, Ruud

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