Re: FM music (again!)

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-09-15 22:20:12

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Richard Atkinson wrote:

> Hello all. I'm about to send out the Sound Expanders promised to various
> people, but unfortunately I have lost my X1541 cable so I couldn't upload
> the Composer and Editor programs, both of which need cracking. Rest
> assured I will do this after the weekend, as soon as I find that cable! I
> have also entered the first movement of a Beethoven sonata into the
> Composer, which uses a Grand Piano sound (sort of) so you will have some
> nice music to listen to.

Cancel that; I found my X1541 cable not at all where I expected it to be,
so I have uploaded the files to funet already. (Marko: /incoming/c64/sfx/)

There is the FM Composer and Sound Editor disk (FMCMPSED.D64) which needs
cracking, again a suspicious little file called '________________' but no
obvious hidden file this time... Sorry!

The other file is %%Beethoven.prg which is its original C64 filename
although it may get mangled on the way back to disk due to Star Commander
and DOS's 8.3 filename limitations. This is quite a nice piece of music
which is why I spent several evenings entering it into the slightly lame
FM Composer package, so I hope those of you with Sound Expanders (that's
just Bo at the moment, isn't it?) will listen to it :)

At the moment it lacks any form of dynamics whatsoever, so now that you
have the file and the package to edit it, maybe someone will finish it off
one day ;)

Marko, can I have a directory for SFX software please; this FM Composer
and Sound Editor isn't really a demodisk in the conventional sense (ie. it
didn't come packaged with the device) and there will be other files, so it
would be nice to have them all under one roof clearly associated with the
schematics already there.


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