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Date: 1999-09-13 01:35:24

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> > 
> > Is anyone aware of a C128 or C64 file requestor?  Like to find a PD
> > routine for allowing directory read, and file selection with scrolling. 
> > Keyboard and/or joystick/mouse input.
> > 
> Yes, there is. It's called Mr. Mouse 2 or something like that and it's a
> Loadstar toolkit. I'm not exactly sure of its availability, but I believe
> that Fender would give it to a programmer if it means developing programs
> for the 8-bit CBM machine, even if the program isn't eventually submitted
> to Loadstar.

Is it for C128?

I've got a Loadstar file requestor for C64.  But I don't make C64 
mode a habit.  (Thus, source code is needed to port.)

Oh, thanks Todd.
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