Re: New idea HD for C=
Date: 1999-09-05 10:54:44

CB>On Sun, 5 Sep 1999 04:36:55 +0100 (GMT) Richard Atkinson
CB>> 1. Have the 1541 ROMs been disassembled and fully documented yet?
CB>Yes. AFAIK, Inside Commodore DOS is the only book I know of that contains
CB>the disassemblies and as well as drive programming and copy protection

CB>> 2. Is CBM-DOS capable of accessing large drives? If not, it would 
CB>> have to
CB>> be implemented as a large number of virtual disks, which might not 
CB>> be a
CB>> bad idea as it would get round the no-subdirectories limitation.
CB>Depends on the drive DOS. If it's the DOS as found in the drives
CB>associated with the PETs, then I believe they can recognize large drives.
CB>But if it's the 1541, then I doubt it.

CB>-Todd Elliott

The 1571, D060 and D9090 use Dos 3.0.
The 1541 and 2031 use Dos 2.6.
The 8050 uses Dos 2.5.
The 8250 uses Dos 2.7. (I think the SFD-1001 does too but it isn't in
this list)
The 4040 uses Dos 2.1.
The 2040 uses Dos 1.0.
The 1571 should be the best bet.
Question: Will the 1571's rom chip just plug into the 1541 in place of
its rom chip?
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