Re: CBM 8280

From: Howard Herman (
Date: 1999-09-04 11:19:22

Radioactive Warrior wrote:
> How strong a feild do those home bulk-erasers generate?  I don't own one
> but I have seen my friend use his to blank audio tape.  How long does it
> take for the field orient all the media particles (10 sec? 100 sec?)
> Does it help at all to rotate the disk around the field many times to
> 'exercise' the particles or dosen't it matter?

I've used bulk erasers with a regular sized audio tapes, as well as the
mini cassette tapes.

Generally, you push the tape through the eraser.  About one second.  Flip
the tape around, and push it through again.

With the Sony unit, they recommend tapping the tape in the palm of your
hand, on both sides, but I think this is more to realign the tape, than
anything else.

And, in case anyone has any interest, whatever was erased can often be
recaptured with sophisticated and expensive electronics, and a lot of
time.  For the casual observer, however, the tape is blank, although more
"noisy" than a clean new tape.
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