RE: CBM 8280
Date: 1999-09-03 21:30:11

Hallo William,

Thanks for the explanation but to be honest I still did not understand it 

> Judging from the number of the 8280 drive, it should be analogous to the
> 8250 drive, that is Double sided Quad Density (DSQD).  Almost nobody uses
> QD disks in an 8250.  DSDD disks work just fine.

Anyway the above took my interest. I've been collecting 2S/DD 96TPI en 2S/4D 
96TPI floppys for the last year because I just did not trust the above 

My question: is there a little more simple way why I can use DDas well, why 
they sometimes can be used in PC 1.2 MB-drives (and sometimes not) and why HD 
can not be used in the 8250?


Groetjes, Ruud

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