Re: cbm710 questions

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-09-02 12:05:07

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> I'd also like to know if the 50/60Hz signal provided on the power supply
> connector is needed for operation. I think it is only used for the CIA
> TOD clock, but who knows.

Since nobody responded, I will report on my experiences: The 50/60Hz
signal is actually also an IRQ input to the 6525 and the machine won't
start up without pulses on that line. 

I also found the proper schematics on funet, they're somewhat hard to
find, since they're just mentioned as "seem to be the same as the 600
schematics" or so. The chip locations I listed were correct and the
machine works with the -05 version of the 906114.

Now I only need to get a keyboard to make use of the board. Seeing the
startup screen and not being able to enter commands is quite


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