oops !- cbm/pet files pages

From: ken ross (ken.ross1_at_virgin.net)
Date: 1999-08-31 09:34:17

>> just to let you know that the zip'd & gz'd  lnx files  for the cbm/pet
>> machine can now be downloaded from
>> http://members.tripod.com/~petlibrary/demo.htm
>> (the demo refers to my download testing ! not the contents of files !! )
>Hmm.. I'm getting a not found on all files.
>  - Bo
will get get the files - i don't know why this is so as i checked it when i
uploaded it
on sunday , these urls will get the index of the sub directory / folder and
i've just tested the download and it works ( well at least for me ! )

Commodore Forever ;-)

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