Re: PetVet and 8032 repair

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 17:13:50 +0100
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On 15/11/2013 14:12, wrote:
> Hi, Giovi
> Thanks a lot for this - I will grab both PetTester dumps tonight and
> will try it as soon as I'll have few more details on PetVet operation
> - I've currently understood 'everything' about the "convertrom.php"
> stuff but I still require details on PetVet's flash procedure [is it
> mandatory to unplug it from Pet's socket or not ?] ... Also, I would
> like to clarify jumpers and pads usages, as much as memory mapping
> détails.

Sorry, I was out last night so never got a chance to respond. Yes, you 
can leave the PetVet in a running PET to flash it - it's the easiest way 
to get power to it.

The four 3-pin jumpers are for programming and rom set selection, as 
described on Mike's web-site. The undocumented 2-pin header is for a 
reset switch - it's hooked directly to the 6502's reset pin.

The 6-pin header is for power, but if you power it from the motherboard 
it's not needed.


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