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From: Rob Clarke <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 21:26:12 +0200
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 > Also, I'd like to see an "UltraCart" that contains all the known 
Ultimax games in one ;-)

The Multimax cart is still on my 'to be completed' list. :-)

I have a working prototype on a breadboard circuit that uses a 6-way 
resetable latch to control the upper 5 address lines of a 1mb eprom, 
which is 31 ultimax images plus the menu system. The setting of the 
latch is gated using one of the i/o lines on the 64 cartridge port 
which, on the max is the /exram line. I completed the menu system which 
seems to work to I just need to fabricate some pcb's which, as I've 
never done it before, is kind of where I ground to a halt in the spring.

Now winter is setting in, i'd like to pick it up again. Anyone 
interested in co-operating to get it finished?

cheers, Rob

On 18/10/2013 19:14, Steve Gray wrote:
> That's great! Glad it worked for you.
> I had another interesting idea for the Max... Use the Cassette port as 
> an IEC port, just like Ulrich's Kernal for the B-series. I assume if 
> you took out the tape routines from MaxBASIC and substituted the IEC 
> routines it might work. Also, I'd like to see an "UltraCart" that 
> contains all the known Ultimax games in one ;-)
> Steve
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>     *From:* Michał Pleban <>
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>     Hello!
>     Steve Gray wrote:
>     > I know this is probably overkill for a single wire ;-)  ....
>     >
>     > If you have a monitor that can accept NTSC composite video
>     you're all set!
>     I did this mod right now, and - surprise of surprises - it works
>     :-) My
>     cheap LCD TV indeed accepts NTSC composite! However it looks really
>     ugly, PAL from the C64 is much better.
>     But anyway, I am now able to answer my own questions ;-)
>     * The Restore key appears to be working. That is, pressing Run/Stop +
>     Restore clears the screen and shows the READY. prompt just like on
>     the C64.
>     * The Shift Lock key does not work as advertised :-) It is just
>     another
>     (third) Shift key. No locking. This of course was expected.
>     * The MAX BASIC looks so far just like the C64 one, but apparently it
>     has only one (uppercase) character set. Pressing C= and Shift does not
>     bring lowercase characters, nor does executing PRINT CHR$(14). I guess
>     the character data sits in the KERNAL and space was tight there.
>     It will be interesting to disassemble the KERNAL and see how much it's
>     different, given that the character ROM occupies some of its space :-)
>     And of course typing on the keyboard is just plain awful. And I
>     thought
>     the C116 was bad ;-)
>     Regards,
>     Michau.
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