Re: Ultimax questions

From: Michał Pleban <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 18:50:15 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Steve Gray wrote:

> I know this is probably overkill for a single wire ;-)  ....
> If you have a monitor that can accept NTSC composite video you're all set!

I did this mod right now, and - surprise of surprises - it works :-) My
cheap LCD TV indeed accepts NTSC composite! However it looks really
ugly, PAL from the C64 is much better.

But anyway, I am now able to answer my own questions ;-)

* The Restore key appears to be working. That is, pressing Run/Stop +
Restore clears the screen and shows the READY. prompt just like on the C64.

* The Shift Lock key does not work as advertised :-) It is just another
(third) Shift key. No locking. This of course was expected.

* The MAX BASIC looks so far just like the C64 one, but apparently it
has only one (uppercase) character set. Pressing C= and Shift does not
bring lowercase characters, nor does executing PRINT CHR$(14). I guess
the character data sits in the KERNAL and space was tight there.

It will be interesting to disassemble the KERNAL and see how much it's
different, given that the character ROM occupies some of its space :-)

And of course typing on the keyboard is just plain awful. And I thought
the C116 was bad ;-)


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