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From: Giovi <>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 20:54:31 -0300
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Hi Steve,

That's a good question. I used the ROM from the mashup site, since I found 
too hard to patch my ROM.
My 1541 seems to have the same board of the one shown in the mashup site; 
but mine has the pull-up door while that one has the rotating leverage.
I've got a glimpse on the hex code of both ROM, and they are quite similar. 
But I didn't think about the chance the author patched a diffent romset.
Any idea about how to fix the original hex without to run the basic program 
(if possible)?  I.e. editing  the hex file with a text editor? Maybe 
transforming the
basic data instruction in an hex table?


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I have not done this mod but I'm wondering which version of 1541 did you 
use? Is it possible that the "patched" rom is for a different rom pair? I 
can't see any reference to which is the correct part# for the ROM that 
doesn't require changing. Did you use the ROM from the MASHUP site or did 
you run the patch routine on your existing ROM?


From: Giovi <>
Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2013 3:42:38 PM

Hi folks!

my name is Giovi (Giovanni Verrua), italian, C= collector, I live in Brazil
and I'm new to this list.
As Ruud Baltissen (that should receive this post, if I'm right...hi Ruud!)
already discovered, I'm not an hardware expert; dummy should be most the
correct word :) so I apologize if my further posts will be silly in some
way. I also apologize if I will do some mistakes posting to this mailing
list. Don't be shy, correct me whenever is needed!

My first question to this list is about the 1541 drive modified for the
IEEE-488 interface (in other words, about connecting a 1541 to a PET), this
also described at this page:,where
I downloaded the patched ROM.

I'm writing this post because, of course, mine doesn't work :)  - I checked
it twice and I haven't found (yet) the mistake. I will check it again. No
answer from the 1541 and no reset when the 8032-sk is switched on or off.

I'm sure that:
- the 1541 drive is ok
- the 6522 is ok
- the socket adapter is ok
- the EPROM im programmed returns no difference if compared with the patched
rom image (so I believe it's ok too)
- the ieee cable an connectors are ok
- the ieee-488 port of the 8032 is ok since it works fine with the Petdisk

>>> The question for you: >>> I have a little doubt about the patched ROM:
>>> it's showing a different behavior respect the original 901229-05 ROM.

- with the original ROM, as usual, the floppy starts to spin and the red
light comes on; after few seconds, the light and the spin motor go off in
the same moment. Normal behavior for this kind of drive.

- with the patched ROM (with or without the ieee interface) the floppy just
spins for a while and then stops, while the red light stays on for a longer
time (and then goes off).

Anybody of you C=hackers made this adapter in the past, and can tell me at
least if the patched ROM shows this different behavior?


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