RE: 9VAC from 5VDC?

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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 14:51:03 -0400
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I have designed AC convertors using a small center tap transformer and two
transistors, one on each leg with inversion between their bases so that
when the  drive signal is hi one transistor is on, and when low the other.
The drive signal can be controlled by a 555 set for near 60 hz.

The main thing is to get a transformer that does not saturate under 9ms,
and that the transistor can handle the peak current.  You could rate the
transistor to be able to handle the current if the 555 stops with an
output on or if the transformer is started.

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Subject: 9VAC from 5VDC?

Does anyone have ideas (or could point to a person or company) that might
have a way to safely synthesize an isolated 9VAC for the machines from

 From documents like this:

a simple voltage doubler and timer won't completely work.  Would putting a
1:1 transformer on the end of the 9V output isolate it?

I was thinking if the isolation issue was handled, creating a more
pleasing sine wave would be the lesser concern. (maybe a small uC with a
R2R DAC tied to some power transistors, etc.)


Jim Brain

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