Re: VIC-20 "Pause" button

From: Uffe Jakobsen <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2013 18:27:49 +0200
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On 2013-07-12 19:27, Peter Rittwage wrote:
> There is also a C64 "slowdown" cart which attached the IRQ line to a
> timer and potentiometer. It would inject IRQ's to slow down, or pause,
> the running program.
> It was a simple cart circuit, and it had really odd effects on different
> games.

FYI: another C64 slowdown product was the:

"Slomo" "Micro VDU Screen Controller" made by Nidd Valley in England

See picture:

Googl'ing for "slomo nidd valley" reveals that this product was 
available for BBC Acorn, Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.

There seems to be no information about the C64 edition on Google - but 
the picture proves that such product did exist for C64

PS: the "Slomo" on the picture belongs to a friend of mine - and I 
forgot to take a closer look at it the last time I visited him.


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