Re: (Fwd) Re: 8032 crt vs. 3032 crt

From: A. Fachat <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2013 18:21:59 +0200
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Am 2. Juli 2013 19:07:52 schrieb "MikeS" <>:
> You might have missed the original post stating that it's a non-CRTC 3032.

Yes,  sorry. I'm a bit busy these days...
> In any case, repairing the broken trace finally got BASIC2/G working. I 
> just thought it'd be interesting to mention this difference between BASIC 
> 2's business and graphic editor ROMs in case someone else ever ran across 
> it; I never would have suspected it, and assumed that the only difference 
> would be the keyboard decoding.

I guess the check is a left over from the very first PET where video memory 
was only capable of 1MHz access. Probably only the <32k models. Once the 
business keyboard came out that wasn't relevant any more.
I should add this to my PET website once I get to do a new update.

 >The OP managed to find where it hung up with only a DVM and EPROM burner 
for tools, and a couple of folks on VCF (including our own Rob) helped 
figure out why

Great work!

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