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> Am 2. Juli 2013 08:46:15 schrieb "MikeS" <>:
>> It turns out that there is a routine in the graphic ROM that checks for
>> presence of the VIDEO ON signal on PB5 of the VIA that is not in the
>> business version; the problem was a broken trace from the PIA to the VIA.
> Ah,  a remnant of the old PET 2001 "don't access the screen memory while
> displaying" code - that waited for retrace before printing to avoid snow
> on the screen.
> This code is also the cause for the speed up poke that turned into a
> killer poke.
> Didn't think it was still in the Basic4 editor.
> Andr
You're right again; it isn't. I forgot to mention that the BASIC4 graphic
ROM started to work for some reason, perhaps a bad socket; it was only the
BASIC2 graphic ROM that was still hanging up waiting for that signal.


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