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Hallo Giovi,

To be honest, I have no idea. So I forward your question to the 
famous CBM-hackers again.

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Hi Ruud,

I have a new question for you!

With some good and expert friends at 
http://www.vintage-computer.com I took
the decision to fix the original 3032 board.

After fixing some minor problems we arrived at a dead point.

The computer works (boot and answer to keyboard command) only with 
the edit
ROM for business keyboard. It doesn't work (it hangs with a black 
while booting) with the edit ROM for graphic keyboard.

We tried with basic 2 and basic 4, of course with correct set of 
Same result: ok with business keyboard rom, no way with graphic 

We checked it with a petester.bin ROM and all seems ok at least 
with this 
simple diagnostic.

It *seems* that some instructions in the edit ROM (at $E000) for 
the graphic
keyboard make it to hang.

 Have you some experience/ideas about this?

I also don't understand if is there any difference (jumpers, 
between graphic keyboard assy and business keyboard assy...


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Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet, Ruud Baltissen

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