Re: Most used 6502 Assembler?

From: Groepaz <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2013 00:26:01 +0200
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On Saturday 22 June 2013, you wrote:
> On 2013-06-21, at 23:49, Groepaz wrote:
> >> I think this is for literature and similar things. I thought it was
> >> something like 25 years from the year of first publication for the
> >> software or other forms of "computer art".
> > 
> > no, there is no difference between computer programs and literature in
> > that aspect. and the "X years after publication" (its also 70 years btw)
> > comes into play when the author is not known, eg for anonymous works.
> > (like mostly everything released as a "scene demo", for example :))
> It seems that the truth lies in between..
> I couldn't get my head around it and googled something like this:
> Computer generated works
> 50 years form the end of the calendar year in which the work is made

this would be something like a calculated fractal picture - computer programs 
are not "computer generated works" (also what you quoted is local law... 
caution. its different everywhere and highly confusing.) i once collected some 
info that applies to local german law here:


Trotzdem bin ich sehr dafür, dass möglichst viele Parlamentarier nach 
Afghanistan fahren. 
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