Re: Most used 6502 Assembler?

From: Groepaz <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 23:20:05 +0200
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On Friday 21 June 2013, you wrote:
> On 2013-06-21, at 21:13, Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:
> > Note that SF and/or github might have problems with that source, as it
> > might not exactly fit their (or the) definition of open-source. ;)
> ? Isn't copyright for that already expired? 

copyright generally does not expire until 70 years after death of the 
copyright holder (author). this is not the case for ANY 8bit software ever 
written :)

> I am not a law expert on the
> matter but I thought it expired when VICE team started to provide own
> copies.

at some point commodore employees stated on comp.sys.emulators (or .cbm - dont 
remember exactly) that they do not care about ROMs included in emulators - 
that is when emulator authors started including them. technically, every 
emulator including the ROMs is still violating copyright. (however, since 
noone seems to know who even owns the copyright for the 8bit ROMs, this isnt 
much of an issue, since only the copyright owner could complain about it)


Wann kapierst du endlich, dass copypaste-schwall keine Sau interessiert? 

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